About Us

Welcome to Shield Facilties and Medical UK Ltd.

Always Safe and Secure With Shield Facilities and Medical UK

Shield Facilities and Medical UK Ltd is a Leicester based company operated by three Directors, who have been specialising in delivering effective security, medical and cleaning services management for over 36 years combined.

We are proud to protect and clean the assets and business premises of our clients and to deliver the highest standard of service for every single client. Our team understands the individual requirements of each business and we can tailor bespoke security and cleaning packages with this in mind. From small industrial units to large corporations with multiple locations, we provide the security and cleaning services that are needed to keep your business and assets safe and clean. We’ve worked very hard to become a trusted company, and we’ve successfully achieved this.

If you need a reliable company to provide cleaning and medical services, manned security guarding or security dog services, our team can deliver the best solutions for your company premises or event. We have extensive knowledge of industries, and we use the latest technology to deliver the right solutions, verification process and complete transparency.

​At Shield Facilities, we approach our work operating on a quality management system with continual improvement to ensure that not only do we meet our client’s expectations, but that we exceed them.

Our mission is to improve the standards of our industries, not only for our clients but also for the individuals who work within our organisation, based on our careful approach to quality, improvement, diversity and opportunities.

We can secure your site and assets with various security, cleaning or medical solutions, so please feel free to contact our friendly team to find out more information on how we can help you and your business.

As part of our package, we also provide regular site management inspections, not only to ensure that our employees are working to your requirements and expectations but to also continually review your requirements in case they change, along with updating our site assessment and risk assessment information accordingly.

If you are one of our Security clients, the regular management inspections will also include full site security audits to ensure there are no vulnerabilities, whilst reporting any that might have been discovered.