Do you need to keep track of vehicles entering and leaving your premises?


Keeping track of vehicles on your premises can aid in site security, accountability and provision of potential evidence of incidents.

Shield Facilities supply and install ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras. We would install the ANPR camera(s) at your site entrances and/or exits.

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How do ANPR cameras work?

When we install an ANPR camera, we configure a specific trigger zone which will be the site entrance/gateway and when any vehicle passes through the trigger zone either entering or exiting, the camera will automatically take a snapshot of the vehicle, a snapshot of the number plate and a short video of the vehicle entering or leaving the premises.

The snapshots and videos are then stored on the NVR to display the video, the snapshots and vehicle brand, vehicle type and the registration number.

We can also add “authorised” vehicle number plates to the camera to not trigger when a specific vehicle passes the trigger zone. In addition to this, we can also add barred vehicle number plates to send a signal if the vehicle enters or leaves the premises.

Car detection camera

Here are some images from one of our lower-spec 2MP short-range ANPR cameras

In addition to ANPR cameras to record vehicles entering and exiting your premises, we also install cameras with people counting features to record pedestrians entering and exiting the premises.

We can install ANPR cameras as a standalone 1 camera system solely for recording site vehicle access or we can install them as part of a full site system with both external and internal CCTV and even perimeter protection cameras which will alert you or our monitoring station to intruders entering your site.

We also supply and install active deterrent CCTV cameras with full-colour night vision along with optional visual and audio intruder warnings which trigger when a person or vehicle crosses any of the digital trip lines that we configure into the cameras.

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