CCTV Systems for construction site security

Construction site materials and equipment are highly sought after by thieves due to their high value. This makes them a widespread target, as shown in the UK statistics, where 92% of construction sites are targeted by crimes every year. This costs businesses over £800 million annually due to the materials and equipment getting stolen, thus increasing the construction times.

This calls for construction sites to have better security measures to deter intruders from theft and vandalism. This is where on-site security is essential, such as CCTV camera systems that can provide constant observation of your site.

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Wireless RSI CCTV cameras

RSI Wireless CCTV camera systems for demolition and construction sites security

Construction site security monitoring is vital toward keeping your site safe by detecting any potential intruders.

With the use of motion-sensor CCTV systems, we can detect intruders as they enter your site and observe what is happening at all times. The motion detection operator will notify the dedicated response team and police to get dispatched to deal with the intrusion happening at your construction site in the best way possible.

How our CCTV systems installation works:

  1. We send out engineers to your construction site to review and work with you on deciding upon the best placement of our CCTV cameras.
  2. We will then do the CCTV installation on-site and warrant that all our equipment works at its best ability. This will take us less than one working day to complete.
  3. We will send out engineers to visit the site whenever you require to assure the effectiveness of our CCTV systems. This is simply to check if the cameras need relocating. If this is the case, we will draft a new construction site security plan to maximise its effectiveness.

Be a part of the 86% of construction site managers across the UK who use and recommend RSI CCTV systems.
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The cost-effectiveness of Shield Facilities RSI CCTV monitoring system:

  • Benefit from one of the best security services from a highly recommended, reliable and trusted security company, with competitive market prices
  • When you decide, our engineers can visit your construction site every month to evaluate the CCTV system. After the review, if needed, we can suggest repositions and improvements to the system. If you believe your site doesn’t need a monthly visit, we can dispatch a team for urgent situations whenever deemed necessary.
  • The cost of the CCTV installation and rental is lower than hiring on-site guards, which gives you protection and great value for your money. Repositioning or dismantling the CCTV systems would require you to contact our expert team and schedule a time at your convenience to discuss further.

Why should you choose our CCTV camera systems:


  • Around the clock monitoring.
  • Motion detector system inbuilt.
  • Night vision CCTV systems.
  • Fast security response to intruders.
  • Motion-activated alarms to deter intruders.
  • Informing intruders to leave your site premises with wireless speakers.
  • Inhouse engineers can visit your site whenever needed.
  • Highly trained security canines and canine handler responders (dependent on your site location)


  • Highly-competitive prices.
  • A fraction of the on-site guard’s prices.
  • No obligations.
  • Free site evaluations and quotes.
  • CCTV systems can be easily relocated to accommodate your needs and to maximise security.


  • Sirens to deter intruders when activated.
  • Both security and police respond to intruders.
  • CCTV camera footage can be used as evidence against intruders.
  • Wireless speakers can be installed to deter intruders and to announce they have been compromised.
Ouli CCTV camera

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