Construction Site Security Approved by CHAS

We provide a wide variety of construction site security systems across the UK, and our Shield Facilities expert teams know the importance of protecting our clients’ assets whilst maintaining all the health and safety requirements of your site.

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We provide construction site security and monitoring that will efficiently maintain the safety of all your equipment and materials and deter intruders with CCTV camera systems. We also offer an array of construction site services like site patrols, guards and security canines.

Regardless of the size of your construction site, we will 24/7 uphold the health and safety policies of your site, allowing you to relax whilst our building site security services protect your site at all times. We have both CHAS and IOSH certifications that can prove our credibility and instil confidence in our capacity to manage your construction site’s security effectively.

Keep Your Construction Site Secure With IP CCTV Camera Systems 

If your construction site has constant power running through, we can strengthen your site security by installing wired IP CCTV systems. Even though wired cameras are more complicated to relocate due to their high demand for power and wiring, they provide a better HD picture quality, and their detection range and width are 4X as big as the wireless counterpart.

One of the best CCTV camera systems for construction sites is the Dahua TiOC active motion cameras. They have a superior AI function that can analyse motion to determine the source, whether intruder, vehicle, animal, etc. This new and integral software significantly reduces the number of false alarms by up to 75%, which can dramatically lower your callout costs. Also, the camera system has high resolution with full-coloured night vision, highly customisable detection zones with trip lines, and an alarm and flashing light to deter intruders from proceeding, whilst notifying them that we are aware of their presence and that we are in pursuit. We can also long range install an infrared detector camera system for enhanced CCTV construction site security including PTZ cameras that can have detection ranges of up to 1000 meters line of sight with automatic detection, zoom and intruder tracking depending on the model and requirement. 

We will also monitor the installed IP CCTV camera system from our security monitoring station who will dispatch our security team and the police if intruders are visually confirmed on the CCTV.

Construction site CCTV camera systems

Solar powered CCTV towers

The CCTV cameras that we install into our solar powered CCTV towers are more rigid, much more efficient, with more technology, more extended range, and a clearer vision than most solar towers to give you the best quality at a much lower cost.

Each solar powered CCTV tower comes with Dahua PTZ cameras, which contain smart motion, video, trip line intrusion detection, and high-end artificial intelligence. This means that each site CCTV tower can tell the difference between people, vehicles, and any other objects to reduce false alarms by up to 75%, and they will not trigger a response if the moving object is not a person or vehicle.

Our tower PTZ cameras (both solar and mains powered) will automatically zoom in and follow any person or vehicle which enters the detection zone, and they will automatically send activations and video footage to you, to our team, and to our monitoring station to deploy either our security response team, or the police, or both.

 Our solar tower PTZ cameras have the following range abilities that are greater than most mobile CCTV towers available:

  • Clear identification of intruders – 165 meters
  • Recognition of intruders – 331 meters
  • Ability to observe intruders (but without recognising faces) – up to 650 meters

We can also add additional bullet cameras to any CCTV tower to just observe a specific area, such as a site entrance, to keep track of all the people and vehicles entering and exiting your site, or overlooking a high priority area such as a machine plant storage or a diesel storage area without affecting the PTZs entire site vision and intruder detection.

Mains/Generator electric CCTV towers

In addition to our solar powered CCTV towers, if you have mains or a 240v power generator on site, we have no restrictions on the type of cameras we can install to suit your exact requirements. However, some cameras may incur higher costs due to the higher fee of the devices.

This can be discussed before the deployment stage to develop a CCTV tower to suit even the highest demands to meet your requirements. If you need a higher-end CCTV tower system, we will price this specifically for you, but we’ll still offer you a very fair and competitive price.

On our wired CCTV towers, we can install PTZ cameras with clear identification of intruders up to 450 meters and recognise intruders up to nearly 900 meters.

As with any of our solar powered CCTV towers, we can also add additional cameras to observe specific areas for extra security.

Wireless CCTV RSI Camera and Fire Alarm Systems

Our wireless RSI CCTV camera systems are among the most famous CCTV systems across the UK for construction and demolition sites. Our RSI cameras are wireless, which gives them the versatility of being placed anywhere without the consideration of wiring. The RSI motion-sensor cameras are linked up to a system that will notify the monitoring station of the footage, showing the intruder that passes the camera. If the monitoring operator deems the footage to be dangerous, they will deploy the mobile security response team to your site, along with the police.

We can also strengthen the security of your site by installing a loud siren to deter intruders. Also, we have interior intruder detection devices to protect all your stored equipment and materials. Besides, we will install a keypad/fob to arm or disarm the alarm for staff members closing your site or entering the site off of the allotted time that the alarm is set. This will reduce any potential incidents of the site security systems to engage when your staff arrives. 

We provide wireless fire alarm detector systems for smoke and/or heat detection with break glass trigger points on top of the intruder detection devices.

CCTV active deterrent camera systems

Temporary fencing

We supply a range of temporary fencing, hoarding, barriers and lifting barriers to help keep your site secure with more physical barriers. These are on a to hire basis or can be bought as an outright purchase. 

If you do require fencing for your site. We can supply you with Heras fencing to help meet health and safety requirements. As well as our Heras fencing, we can also provide you with steel doors for better security. They also come in a variety of colours; black, grey, blue, green and red. We can also provide turnstile gates, these can be delivered to anywhere across the mainland UK and can only be fully purchased. There are also a few other physical barriers available;

  • Crowd control barriers and safety walkway gates
  • Manual lifting barriers to act as access points to sites
  • Concrete blocks to prevent intrusions
  • Traffic cones and signs for guidance and safety

Construction Site Security Guard Patrols

We provide security guards that will conduct several patrols around a set path of the premises to look for any suspicious activity that might lead to an intruder outbreak. There is also physical security that can react and adapt to any situation and deter intruders.

Guard patrol route

Building Site Canine Services

We can provide canine services across the country, an excellent way to deter intruders and seek them out, providing an edge over other types of site security. These are highly valuable, especially to more vulnerable sites, however, they can be used to quickly detect intruders due to their enhanced sense and ability to communicate with their handler in notifying them of intruders or other potential disturbances.

All our security dogs are highly trained in using their sight, hearing, and smell to their best capacity to better sense and locate any potential intruders on your building site. They will also show controlled aggression towards threats to deter them, and if not, they will be able to detain threats until security teams or the police arrive. 

To find out more information about our security canines, please see our general purpose security dog services page.

Our canine security service has established us as a go-to service across the Midlands and the UK. Our dog handlers and security canines are uniformed and fully licensed to provide the best possible quality service for your site.

German shepherd security dog

Attendance Verification & Quality Assurance System

We have full access to an attendance and quality assurance system that can verify the attendance of handlers and canines. Our system can also log their patrols in intervals to give you the much-needed peace of mind that your site is being protected to the highest standards by our experienced security guards.

Construction Site Security Service Guarantee

By using Shield Facilities, you can have full access to the following benefits:

  • RSI wireless CCTV intruder systems
  • RSI wireless intruder alarm systems
  • RSI wireless fire detection systems
  • Uniformed and experienced security guards
  • Service fully compliant with the British Standard 
  • Fully trained and certified security dogs and handlers 
  • Regular security site patrols
  • Daily occurrence and incident report logs
  • Warning boards around the site perimeter

If you would like to discuss your construction site security requirements in greater detail with a member of our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0330 124 6594.

Shield Facilities keep your assets safe wherever they are. find out what service we offer in your area.

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