Drug Detection Dogs

Drug Detection Dog Services

Our Proactive Drug Detection Dogs Detect the presence of drugs by searching cars, buildings, schools, factories, postal depots, aircraft’s and ships.

Commanded by the handler, the dog indicates the presence of drugs by giving a passive signal, normally a sit or “stand and stare”.

Our Passive Drug Detection Dogs can scan people entering work places, nightclubs, festivals, airports and many other environments.

Worked on a lead by a handler, our dogs make no contact with the people they scan. If drugs are detected on a person, the dog will indicate to the handler, giving grounds for a security officer or police officer to conduct a search for unlawful possession of drugs.

Shield Facilities provide Drug Detection Dog teams to seek out drugs and mind altering substances. Our drug detection dogs are trained to indicate the presence of:

  • Cannabis

  • Cocaine

  • Crack Cocaine

  • Heroin

  • Amphetamines

  • Ecstasy

  • Ketamine

  • MDMA

The Drug Detection Dog Services helps to maintain a drug free environment. The teams are uniformed and operate overtly, also acting as a deterrent. For a more discrete service, we can operate in plain clothes and in an unmarked vehicle.

Our Drug Detection Dogs can be trained to detect virtually any odour, in many different environments. Our dogs are trained to locate target scents on persons, in vehicles, concealed in bags or buildings and are comprisable to teams operating in the public sector. The dogs are well trained to UK and European standards and the handlers are self motivated and experienced. We also integrate well with other security personnel during a deployment, which makes for an overall efficient and professional for the client and attending public. A full confidential written report is made available following every deployment, this is sent across to the client should they wish to receive it, we then keep it on file.

In addition to dog handling, all our handlers are trained in drug awareness, drug identification, misuse of drugs Act, licensing laws, evidence handling, report writing, health and safety, basic canine first aid and conflict management. all our handlers are SIA licensed.

At the end of each task, we debrief with the handler and the client to discus our findings, performance and any learning outcomes or practices that could improve our service in the future. If any learning outcomes are identified, they will be implemented ahead of our next deployment.

Shield Facilities offers an individual, bespoke service with complete confidentiality and discretion assured. Working in partnership with our clients, we provide a solution, which helps ensure the safety of your staff, contractors and guests.

Further more, our detection dog section operates within full compliance of BS 8571-2 detection dogs

Shield Facilities keep your assets safe wherever they are. find out what service we offer in your area.

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