Events Services

If you have a special event on the horizon, ensuring sufficient security is in place should be at the forefront of your priorities. At Shield Facilities, we are vastly experienced in providing security personnel to events both large and small, so are ready and waiting to work with you to source a suitable solution.

Security Guarding and Stewarding

The importance of security at events for crowd control and crime prevention speakers for itself, and our team have all been fully trained to understand the responsibilities required of them at each and every event they attend.

By liaising with you from the outset, we’ll be able to supply the right volume of staff in line with the number of attendees, whilst also fully understanding every element of the event to implement the suitable security accordingly.

Security Solutions for a Wide Variety of Events

Just some of the events we have provided security teams for previously include:

  • Music festivals
  • Weddings
  • Private parties
  • Charity Events
  • Business functions
  • Corporate events
  • Public events

Our event security service ensures we have sufficient personnel on site for each day of an event so you’ll never have to worry about security during the occasion. We have the ability to handle events of all sizes and will supply fully uniformed security guards who are friendly and approachable for all those in attendance.

With a comprehensive monitoring service that enables us to keep track of all activities, you can rest assured that your event security is in safe hands with us. We have been working at events for many years, so know all the ins and outs of developing a security plan that ensures your event runs seamlessly and without any incident.

Medical services ambulance

Event Medics

Before your event, we are happy to assist you in your planning. We provide a full risk analysis for your event and advise on the level of medical cover required.We will then discuss this with you and provide a customised and cost effective plan of medical cover which is best for your individual event and guaranteed to meet the current regulations.

We do not over charge and will happily provide you with a quote for any event which we will discuss with you.

At your event, we offer a reliable and comprehensive medical cover and first aid service with experienced and uniformed medical operatives.

We are able to meet the needs of any event across the UK, from a small village fete requiring a couple of first aiders, through to an equestrian even requiring an off road stretcher carrying 4×4 response vehicle, or a large game and county fair, festival or sporting event, requiring ambulances and a full event medical team.

Our medical teams are fully trained to meet your requirements. Whether that be a first aider or paramedic, we can help.

Our medics are regularly tasked with front line ambulance work, patient transport and event medical cover.

Our management team, who hold a range of medical qualifications, will assess your requirements and ensure the correct level of cover for your event.

Our staff are fully uniformed, working with marked medical vehicles that are fully visible to the staff and patrons at your event.

At the end of each task, we debrief with the staff and clients to discuss any incidents, our performance and any learning outcomes or practices that could improve our services in the future. If any learning outcomes are identified, we will endeavour to implement them ahead of our next deployment.

Drug Detection Dog

Detection Dog Services

Drug Detection Dog Services

Our Proactive Drug Detection Dogs Detect the presence of drugs by searching cars, buildings, schools, factories, postal depots, aircraft’s and ships. Commanded by the handler, the dog indicates the presence of drugs by giving a passive signal, normally a sit or “stand and stare”.

Our Passive Drug Detection Dogs can scan people entering work places, nightclubs, festivals, airports and many other environments.

Worked on a lead by a handler, our dogs make no contact with the people they scan. If drugs are detected on a person, the dog will indicate to the handler, giving grounds for a security officer or police officer to conduct a search for unlawful possession of drugs.

SSCS provide Drug Detection Dog teams to seek out drugs and mind altering substances. Our drug detection dogs are trained to indicate the presence of:

  • cannabis

  • Cocaine

  • Crack Cocaine

  • Heroin

  • Amphetamines

  • Ecstasy

  • Ketamine

  • MDMA

The Drug Detection Dog Services helps to maintain a drug free environment. The teams are uniformed and operate overtly.

Our Drug Detection Dogs can be trained to detect virtually any odour, in many different environments. Our dogs are trained to locate target scents on persons, in vehicles, concealed in bags or buildings and are comprisable to teams operating in the public sector. The dogs are well trained to UK and European standards and the handlers are self motivated and experienced. We also integrate well with other security personnel during a deployment, which makes for an overall efficient and professional for the client and attending public. A full confidential written report is made available following every deployment, this is sent across to the client should they wish to receive it, we then keep it on file.

Explosive Detection Dog Services

SSCS provide Explosive Detection Dog teams to seek out explosive devices and substances. Our explosive detection dogs are trained to indicate the presence of substances such as PE4, Semtex, Nitro Glycerine, TNT and HME derivatives.

Our dogs make no contact with the items they scan. If explosives are detected, the dog will indicate to the handler, in such event, the handler will take control of the situation to ensure the correct protocols are followed.

The explosive Detection Service helps to maintain a safe environment. The teams are uniformed and operate overtly.

Security Dog

General Purpose Security Dog services

Our GP security dog teams are the most effective measure of deterring potential intruders from targeting your site or festival and causing loss or damage to your property or unauthorised patrons. Having just one security dog team on your site is more effective than several ordinary security guards.

Our Security Dog Section operates within full compliance with the requirements of BS 8517-1 and the guard dogs act 1975

The benefits of a security dog team over a regular security guard

  • Dogs can detect intruders by smell, sound and hearing from a distance, even when the intruders are hiding out of sight.

  •  The dogs will signal to their handler if they can sense a potential intruder nearby.

  • Dogs will protect their handler by displaying controlled aggression if confronted with threatening behaviour.

  • Our GP dog teams can patrol your event perimeter to reduce the likelihood of intrusion by festival goers that have not paid for access

To run through the details of your event with a member of our team, give us a call on 0330 124 6594 or complete our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.