Shield Facilities and Medical Group UK provide trained and certified first response medics to various film sets across the UK and overseas.


Filmset Medics

The medics that we deploy are trained to a minimum of FREC3 (First Response Emergency Care level 3) and will come equipped with a full emergency medical responder kit, oxygen and an AED or life pack system. Additionally to the above equipment, we can also deploy our medics with a fully compliant and marked RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle) or full-size medical vehicles highly visible to both staff and visitors at your film set. Also, before your production begins, we are always happy to assist you in your planning.

On site security services and emergency medical services

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Medical staff on site

We provide a full risk analysis for your filmset, and we can advise on the level of medical cover required. We will then discuss this with you and provide a customised and cost-effective medical cover plan that will be best for your production, whilst guaranteeing to meet the current regulations.​
We do not overcharge you, and we can happily provide you with a FREE quote for any production, which we will then discuss with you.
​We offer a reliable and comprehensive medical cover and first aid service with experienced and uniformed medical operatives at your production. You will also receive complete daily records of any medical incidents that may have occurred.
We also have trained and certified medics to provide on-site Covid-19 testing with results in 15 minutes.

Film set Security

Shield Facilities and Medical Group UK can provide you with professional, reliable, and experienced security officers to guard your production, staff and equipment, who will be thoroughly screened and vetted to BS 7858 and will be in visible uniform to provide a visual deterrence to unwanted visitors during both your production hours and outside of them, to maintain the safety and security of your film set and equipment 24/7, whilst operating within the standards of BS 7499.

In addition to security guards, we also provide general-purpose security dog handlers with the extra deterrence of a dog, and a handler trained and certified as a level 2 dog handler team in compliance with BS 8571.
As an additional piece of mind, our operating systems will actively track our staff during their shifts, verifying staff attendance and site patrols to give you the peace of mind that you are getting the standard of service you expect.

Close protection officers

Shield Facilities and Medical Group UK provide specialist close protection officers to ensure your actresses, actors, and/or executives’ safety and security.
Our Close protection officers are experienced in protecting high-risk assignments, and most of them are ex-military servicemen and women.
We only provide highly skilled and experienced Close protection officers that can operate as part of a team or individually. They will work very closely with our clients to ensure their specific needs are met, and they are available 24/7 for any security concerns that may arise.

Security dog and dog handler

Shield Facilities and Medical Group UK keep your assets safe wherever they are. find out what service we offer in your area.

Don’t worry about your business and assets. Keep them safe with us.

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