Rabbit Pest Control

Shield Facilities provides a safe, professional and discrete pest control Rabbit shooting service. When you hire us, you can rest assured that we will carry out this work responsible and ensure that your pest problem is dealt with as efficiently as possible whilst maintaining safety and discretion.

Shooting is the most effective measure to quickly reduce Rabbit populations

At Shield Facilities, we carry out pest control shooting programmes regularly as it is the most efficient and humane method of reducing pest populations such as Rabbits amongst other pests, in a short period of time. In most cases, shooting is the only way to keep Rabbit populations at a low level. It can be very difficult to deal with Rabbit infestations using non-lethal methods. Rabbit infestations can spread very fast due to their rate of breeding, so what starts out as a small problem will quickly develop into a much larger problem and harder to deal with. In addition, Rabbits nest and live in burrows that cause significant damage to land and potential safety risks for larger animals and building structures. Whatever the size of the Rabbit problem, the fact of the matter is that professional shooting is an essential method to have at our disposal, and whenever necessary, we have the skills, experience, and licenses required to carry out such work successfully and most importantly, safely.

How do pest control shooting programmes operate?

Our pest control shooters mainly use high grade moderated air rifles for an accurate, quiet, and discrete approach to pest control shooting along with night vision and thermal imaging equipment. By using such equipment, the technicians can easily find the target pests in any lighting conditions and are more efficient using silent airguns that do not scare off the rest of the target pests.

Sometimes, we may also use higher velocity FAC airguns and/or firearms for controlling Rabbit populations depending on the property that we are controlling, especially if you also have a problem with livestock attacks from larger predatory pests.

The pest control technicians who carry out our shooting work are all fully trained and experienced in pest shooting. We take public safety extremely seriously and work hard to ensure that we always act responsibly and discretely when using air rifles and firearms. Every pest control shooting task is carefully planned to be as efficient and safe as possible.

To assess whether or not pest control shooting may be the best option in your case or more traditional methods of pest control services, Shield Facilities offer free surveys, inspections and risk dynamic assessments to all of our prospective customers. One of our expert surveyors will come out to your property at a time that suits you and perform an in-depth analysis and risk assessment of the pest problem and your site. They will then give you an accurate up-front proposal (rabbit, fox, rats, birds and grey squirrel shooting is generally FREE of charge unless the task is an emergency callout) of the pest control service and what methods we will utilise to control your pest problem and offer advice on further preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of a re-infestation.

Reasons for controlling Rabbits

  • Livestock Damage – Rabbits cause significant damage to grounds that can cause larger animals to step in burrows/holes and injure their feet, ankles and legs and resulting in expensive vet bills
  • Grounds Damage – Rabbits Burrows also cause damage to buildings and stores if the burrows are underneath them, sometimes causing the ground to collapse over time.
  • Golf course damage – Rabbits burrowing on gold courses amongst other locations can be very costly to keep on top of the maintenance of grounds such as golf courses which can have an effect on the course, games and clientele.
  • Crop damage – As herbivores, Rabbits will eat crops causing financial and stock losses to members of the agricultural sector.
  • Spread of disease – Myxomatosis is a highly contagious and horrific disease that spreads rapidly through rabbit populations and requires culling as soon as possible to reduce the spread of the disease.

When is pest control shooting performed?

Pest control shooting is generally completed outside of your usual working hours to ensure additional safety when carrying out our duties without staff or customers on-site, with the addition of most pests being nocturnal and only becoming present under the cover of darkness, which also helps us maintain a discrete service.

Where do we perform Rabbit control shooting?

  • Farmland
  • Golf courses
  • Vacant land
  • Fisheries
  • Commercial sites
  • Allotments
  • But not limited to

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