Solar farms are a common target for thieves due to their high-value electrical equipment and cabling, which can cause financial losses and potential health and safety concerns.


Solar farms are also desirable for children to play on, which increases the risk of a significant and unnecessary health and safety claim if an accident occurs.

Shield Facilities can help keep your solar farm safe from intruders, whether it is a completed and operational site or still in its development stages.

Videofied - Webeye security services

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Solar farm security cameras

Wired IP CCTV Installation & Security On Solar Farms

Does your solar farm have consistent power? If so, we can install wired IP CCTV systems on your site. Our IP CCTV systems for solar farms not only have significantly higher picture quality than wireless, but they also have 4X longer and wider detection ranges than wireless CCTV.

Our Dahua TiOC active motion deterrent cameras are a perfect solution for solar farms that have consistent power, as they have high resolution and full-colour night vision with customisable motion detection zones and trip lines, along with artificial intelligence that can determine if the camera was triggered by a person, vehicle, animal, or debris. This artificial intelligence can reduce false alarms by up to 75%, which can minimise callout charges.

Besides, when the TiOC cameras are activated, they will prompt flashing lights and an audible warning to leave the site, which is effective at deterring intruders as they will know that we en route to stop them.

Our monitoring station with security response could monitor our IP CCTV systems if you choose this option.

We also install high-definition infrared detection cameras on your solar farm, as well as TiOC active deterrent cameras.

We provide an app for all IP systems, so you can also log in to look over your site any time you wish.

Wireless Security Cameras Systems

We will supply and install a wireless intruder detection camera system, which will be monitored 24/7. When intruders access your solar farm and activate cameras, the alarm siren will sound to deter the intruders, and notification along with the video footage will be sent to our monitoring station. The monitoring station will then deploy our security response to your site, along with the police.

We can install a Videofied RSI system, including motion viewer cameras, sirens, speakers, internal intruder alarms for buildings without power, fire and smoke detection, and internal flood detection.

Alternatively, we can install Oculi standalone camera systems, which our solar panels can also power to reduce battery usage and maintenance. Our Oculi camera systems are monitored 24/7 with security and police response.

Solar Farm Security Guarding

We can also deploy licensed and uniformed security guards to remain on your solar farm or as a separate solar farm service. We can deploy our security guards for whatever hour requirements you may have, whether it be just overnight or 24/7.

Just like with our security systems, we use state of the art management systems for our physical security management, compliance and service verification with complete GPS tracking on staff phones, along with the option to have NFC patrol tags positioned around your site that the guards have to scan to verify patrols, to back up the GPS locating.

Our manned guarding division operates to the BS7499 provision of static guarding.

Security Dog Handlers

Besides providing security guards, we also specialise in providing general purpose security dog handler services with fully trained and certified security dogs and handlers. Our dog handlers will be in full uniform and using a specialist vehicle that, along with our service provision, our dog handlers are fully compliant with BS8571-1 general-purpose security dogs.

German shepherd security dog

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