Full RSI monitored camera systems and standalone wireless motion detection cameras.


Shield Facilities offer not just full RSI monitored camera systems, we also supply and install standalone wireless motion detection cameras. Although the Oculi cameras are standalone, we can install more than one at your site.
Our Oculi standalone cameras do not require any wiring or control units as they are battery powered and use data sim cards to connect and transmit signals and images to our monitoring platform.

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Wireless Oculi sensor camera

Oculi camera sensor

The Oculi cameras are an ideal solution for small sites or site entrances to capture images of persons or vehicles entering your site.

The oculi cameras are a great solution for small yards, storage yards, vacant sites and sites that are not in use very often, especially sites where there may not be any mains power.
Our Oculi cameras, when activated will take 14 images over 7 seconds and send the images either to our monitoring station or to you, or if you like, both you and our monitoring station.

Our monitoring platform also uses an algorithm to detect if the motion sensor was triggered by a person, animal, vehicle or moving debris by evaluating the images. If the algorithm detects the shape of or similar to a person or vehicle, it will send an activation and security will be dispatched to your site (if you select to have security response). If the activation is caused by anything other than a vehicle or person, the system will not send the activation and not prompt a security response callout to reduce the costs to you associated with false activation callout outs. There is an additional cost for that evaluation software to be utilised.

Security response

During closed hours, we can also provide security responses to activations that have been visually confirmed as genuine site intrusion.

The Oculi cameras are fitted with Lithium batteries for long life, although the life of the batteries will depend on how often the camera activates. The camera will remain dormant apart from the motion detector until it is activated to increase battery life.

Shield Facilities can either hire the Oculi cameras on a weekly hire rate (price and term to be discussed and dependent on how many devices and expected duration) or we can sell them at a one-off sale price plus installation and setup.

Outright purchases will still require a small monthly subscription to our monitoring station service.
We can also service the cameras, change the batteries, or reposition them when required.

Ouli CCTV camera

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