Shield Facilities provide and install wireless RSI fire and smoke alarm systems which are monitored 24/7.


Our wireless RSI fire detection systems are an ideal solution for buildings that do not have a mains power supply.
We usually install these systems in buildings that are either vacant, derelict or in the early stages of development when power has not yet been supplied to the building.

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Heat detector alarm

RSI fire detection system

In addition, we can also install internal wireless intruder alarm systems and external motionviewer monitored motion detection CCTV Cameras which can all link onto the same system for a complete wireless RSI fire and security system.
In addition, we can also provide security responders who will attend your site in the event of an activation once our monitoring station has called the activation through to our response team.

Wireless RSI fire alarm includes:

  • Control panel
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Or heat detectors.
  • Break glass fire points.

Addition devices that can be added to the fire detection system are:


  • Internal RSI PIR motion detectors (animal immune or none animal immune)
  • Internal RSI PIR motion cameras (animal and none animal immune)
  • Internal door sensors
  • Internal siren
  • Internal speaker (to play a recorded message when activated)
  • External siren
  • External speaker
  • External motionviewer cameras (motion detection cameras)
  • Keypad/fob point access
  • Remote control access
  • Siren
Fire alarm button

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